Monday, July 5, 2010

July Already

I can't believe 6 months of the year has already passed, probably because I've been busy and time flies when one is too busy to think.

In January I was preparing for the release of my book In Plain Sight from the Wild Rose Press. Then all the promotion that went with the release day and after. Also attended an all day workshop by Donald Maass.

February, still doing promotion, writing another book and figuring out what I'm going to do next.

March, still doing promotion, editing the new WIP, deciding on what I'm going to write next.

April, still doing promotion, sent WIP off to editor, starting to plan out what I want to write next, and writing the next WIP

May, Finishing the WIP, getting off to my critique group, and hearing from my editor at The Wild Rose Press they want to buy the next book.

June, signing contract, deciding on title, blurb for the new book. Start planning another book and start writing the next book.

July 1-4, family visiting, no time for anything. Still have lots to do, promised editor next book and it's not ready yet - and I hate being late for anything.

For some this may not seem like much, but since I work a full-time job, for me it's a lot. Plus taking care of the daily life stuff, such as bills, cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping, etc. I'm amaze at home much I get done sometimes.

I can be disciplined, it's a matter of getting the brain to work with that discipline.

Have a great week.


April Vine said...

Hey Marie

I can't believe we're on to the seventh month of the year already - not even an inch of my resolutions at the beginning of the year have been knocked off. Better make haste!!!
It is a lot even without your full time job, makes me hang my head since I have no excuse of working out of the house!
Enjoy your day!

Anonymous said...

Hey I just wanted to says congrats on the second book. I have been so busy haven't been on the chat room for awhile. Just saw your update on my blog site and thought I would check in and say hi and congrats. Hope to check in next Tues. TWRP chat room and say hi to everyone. TJ