Monday, August 31, 2015

Releasing Today on Amazon

Bound & Teased is releasing today on Amazon.

I'm so happy to have this book released - it is a committed menage book and I had lots of fun writing it.

So go check it out by clicking here

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Have a great week.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Sexy Has It - Sexy Saturday

It's Sexy Saturday.

This week is #107 and the theme is: Sexy Has It

I decided to do 7 paragraphs this week, just to give you a flavor of my book In Plain Sight

        “Let’s get something straight, Mr. Bradshaw.”
She whirled around and faced him.
        He could see the fire in her eyes and couldn’t
wait to see them burning with passion again.
        “I will not repeat what happened Friday night,”
she declared, poking him in the chest with her
        He placed a hand over his heart and stepped
back. “You wound me, fair lady.” He wiggled his
eyebrows at her.
        “Oh, cut the bullshit.” Hands on hips, she glared
at him, looking a bit like a Norse goddess of war.
        “There is no bullshit here.” He spread his arms
wide, allowing the grin he’d been fighting to spread
across his lips. There was his Vicki. The fiery, sexy
woman he wanted to fuck day and night. “I told you
Saturday you were going to set the pace.”
        “Don’t give me that sexy, devilish grin of yours. I


Joe and Vicki have lots of fun in this book.

Check out more at My Sexy Saturday

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Monday, August 24, 2015

Guest Blog: Vivien Paige

I'm happy to have as my guest today Vivien Paige

Tell us a little about yourself.
Vivien Paige has been eagerly consuming romance novels since her early teens. Strong, dark alpha heroes. Cute, feisty heroines. Combustible, emotional roller-coaster rides to a splendid happy ever after. Perfect! That's what makes her such an awesome wife...well depending on who you ask :) Now she writes her own romance novels, too.

Twitter: @VivienPaige

What do like the most and the least about writing?
The least liked part about writing for me is actually getting started, I usually need a gun to my head, or someone needs to threaten to throw away my whole supply of chocolate - that usually works. The most liked part is when I actually write and I become so oblivious to the world around me. It’s a great feeling. It’s just getting there that requires the hard work.

Give us a peek into your latest published work? (blurb)
Contemporary  Romance

If there's one thing emotionally unavailable party-princess, Tayla Watkins knows, it’s clothes. Kids? Not so much. But when her foster brother leaves her with a deathbed wish regarding the son he never had a chance to meet, she can’t refuse. 

Armed with a Nannying for Dummies guidebook, all Tayla needs is three weeks at the mansion where the little boy lives to suss out the situation, confirm his well-being then leave without anyone ever knowing who she really is. Totally doable, except she chooses the wrong bed on her first night and faces off with the sexy uncle intent on knocking her off her six-inch heels.

When billionaire adventurist, Jared Miller, discovers his nephew’s sixty-year-old nanny has been replaced with a sparsely clad beauty, his trusted instincts fly off the charts, and so does his intrigue-meter. The glamorous nanny has as many secrets as she does shoes, and he’s determined to shadow her every move to uncover them all.

What’s next on the writing horizon for you?
I’m planning to write Book 2 for the Glamour Nannies – Falling for the Billionaire series called Proud and Dazzling.

Is there anything you want to tell readers?
The Glamour Nannies – Falling for the Billionaire series has one thing in common, a book. What’s a girl to do when she has more knowledge about shoes than she does nannying? She reads a book, of course, but not just any book – Nannying for Dummies by Tasmina Tags, no less! This book is passed from one heroine to the next in my Glamour Nannies series, a guide to help take care of her little charge and by that I mean to keep them as human in color as possible, while working her way into the billionaire’s heart of her choice.  

Excerpt of Hot & Unusual:

“You dropped a speck of something.”

Shocked, she almost stumbled over her own two feet. She spun around. Where’d he come from? Waves of anxiousness rippled through her. Didn’t he have poisonous snakes to save on the other side of the world? But the mere sight of him disintegrated all the unsteady emotions she’d patched back together during her shower, peeling away everything she’d tried to hide under her makeup. Her firm attempt to reseal all her vulnerability failed at the mere sight of him. How on earth am I going to handle him when I keep forgetting to play it cool?

She straightened her spine. Stood still. He needn’t know he gave her heart palpitations. She just required a way around him to lessen his effect on her. But how, when with all the causal arrogance in the world, he held her laundered panties in his hand. She glanced from the tiny wisp of lace to the basket then back again to her panties dangling from his fingers. Did he call her underwear a speck of something?

He closed the distance between them before her gasp at his sudden movement left her lips. Her blood pumped voraciously through her veins. Then he bent down on his haunches to analyze her shoes. Oh really.

“And what are those? Weapons?”

Excuse me, they’re four-inch Manolos, the height of everything trendy at the moment. She set her basket down and slammed her hands onto her hips. “Would you feel less threatened if I wore granny panties and workmen boots?”

 Thanks for being my guest today, Vivien.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Sexy Saturday

I've joined My Sexy Saturday - so come back every Saturday to see what I'm posting.

The 106th week of My Sexy Saturday.  This week’s theme: That Sexy Time of Day.

For this week I decided to do 7 sentences.  This is from my very first published book In Plain Sight.  Joe and Victoria have been dancing around their attraction to each other for over a year, when they get stuck in an elevator, passion takes over.  This snippet is the next day when Joe goes to visit Victoria.

            “You’re too dangerous.”  The words slipped out before she was even aware of voicing them aloud.
            His eyes widened, and another of those sexy, devilish grins spread across his face.  “I’m not dangerous. I’m a teddy bear.”
            Victoria gave a snort of laughter. He took another step toward her, and now her bedroom felt too small.

            If you want to check out In Plain Sight you can click here.

Monday, August 17, 2015

The craziness of release weekend

Wow, what a weekend it has been.

Release weekends are a pretty much stressful time for a writer, especially me.  I always obsessing about my Amazon numbers, watching for new reviews and in general, just making myself go crazy :)

But there isn't a job in the world I would rather be doing.  I love writing and getting my books into the hands of my readers.

So to let you all know, one of my books (e-book only) Quick Silver Ranch: Roped and Ready is on sale right now for .99 cents.

So if you haven't read me before and want to get  your feet wet, so to speak, go check it out.

You can find it at:

Amazon - click here
Barnes and Nobel - click here
The Wild Rose Press - click here

Have a fantastic week.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Sexy Saturday Roped & Ready

Welcome to the 105th week of My Sexy Saturday blog hop

This week’s theme: My Sexy Boyfriend

This is from my book: Quick Silver Ranch: Roped & Ready (which is on sale right for $0.99)

My hero, Tyler, and heroine, Becca are lying in bed. I decided to do 7 paragraphs.

       Several hours later, Becca listened to Tyler's heartbeat as he cradled her against his chest and smiled. Her body still hummed from  his love making, but she remembered this same felling for a different reason.

       "I can feel that smile, what are you thinking?" he asked.

       "Remember after finals the first year, we were both so wired up from all the coffee?"

       "Remind me." His lips brushed the top of her head.

       "We went back to your dorm room because your roommate had left and they hadn't assigned you a new roomie yet." Her fingers traced circles on his stomach. "We held each other for hours, just laying there talking and kissing." She'd been content to be in his arms then, just as she was now.

       "Ah yes, I remember that." His fingers cupped her chin and tilted her head up. "One of my favorite memories." His lips caressed hers.

       "Mine too."

Monday, August 10, 2015

Bound & Teased - released date 8/14

I'm so thrilled to have my 7th novel published by The Wild Rose Press.

Bound & Teased was a different book for me to write.  It is a committed menage with MMF in it.  The book was a challenge, but it was worth the effort to make sure it was the best book it could be.

It will be available on 8/14 at:
 The Wild Rose Press website - click here
Amazon - click here

It will also be available at other retailers but at the time I put this blog out I didn't have links.  Just search on Bound & Teased or Marie Tuhart and I'm sure you'll find it.

Below is the cover, blurb and an excerpt:


Eight years ago, a naive Katie Crane ran from Ry and Jed, warned their brand of love would ruin her life. Now she's all grown up and returning home with a better understanding of the BDSM lifestyle. After the betrayal she's faced at her father's hands, she worries she won't be strong enough to submit to the men she gave her heart and virginity to at eighteen. 

Jed Malloy and Ry McCade are surprised and thrilled by Katie's return to Felton's Creek. They'd been heartbroken after her departure and had turned to each other, embracing the BDSM lifestyle without her. Katie's homecoming sparks hope and worry. Ry isn’t sure he can keep his dominant side under control, and Jed fears Katie will see him as less of a man by being a switch and Ry’s submissive.

Having Katie back could mean the beginning of everything   they've ever wanted or the end to the only family they've ever known.


            “Welcome home.” Jed’s breath skimmed her neck before his lips touched her skin.
            “It’s been too damn long.” Ry didn’t hesitate, his mouth closing over hers.
            Her heart pounded as Ry’s mouth devoured hers. Jed nipped at her skin with little bites where her neck and shoulder met and she let out a gasp, allowing Ry to slide his tongue past her lips.
            Two sets of hands roamed over her body. Ry cupped her ass, pulling her against his hard cock. Jed teasing the underside of her breasts, making her nipples pebble while he pressed his equally hard erection against her ass.
            “My turn.” The words barely registered before Ry released her lips. Strong fingers cupped her chin, her head turned, and Jed took her mouth.  His lips were softer, but his kiss was as hard and demanding as Ry’s, but less urgent. 
            Two men, two different kisses. Her brain grappled with the way they tasted. Each different. Ry, metal and coffee, Jed, mint and the outdoors. Oh, God. They tasted the same as they had when she was eighteen. 

            Her body was melting between them. She curled one arm around Jed’s neck, and the other hand began caressing Ry’s chest. Her helplessness to resist these two men was starting again. And did she care? At the moment, no, but she’d come home knowing they weren’t going to play it safe, not this time.

Monday, August 3, 2015

Another book turned in

I've been staying very busy on the writing front, I just turned in Melt My Heart - which I hope it will be part of the Candy Hearts series by The Wild Rose Press.

This was a fun book to write, I really enjoyed Lexi's sensual journey, and Gabriel's need to help her understand giving up her control wasn't such a bad idea.

I'll announce more when I have news.  In the mean time, I have a revise and resubmit from my editor on two more books she was reading.  It's not a bad thing, she wants me to to lengthen one book and add a bit more BDSM to the other.  All doable, now to just find the time.

And I've been outlining my newest book, which I hope to be part of the Real Men Wear Kilts series coming out from The Wild Rose Press next year.  It is only in the Scarlet line, so you can be assured there will be lots of kink going on.

I hope everyone is having a fabulous summer.  Even if it is a bit to warm here in Western Washington.