Monday, September 28, 2015

Giveaway by Marie Tuhart - Still Time

There's still time to enter my Goodreads giveaway.  It's open until 9/30.

I'm giving away a print copy of my latest release Bound & Teased.

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Saturday, September 26, 2015

Sexy Today by Marie Tuhart #mysexysaturday @mysexysaturday

Welcome to the 111th week of My Sexy Saturday.

This week’s theme: Sexy Today

I'm happy to be a part of another My Sexy Saturday.   This week we've been asked to post sexy, sexy, and more sexy within the guidelines of 7 words, 7 sentences or 7 paragraphs.

So I decided to post really sexy. This is from my book Red Club Temptation.  Caleb and Jessie are talking in his cabin. Here's 7 paragraphs to tantalize you with.

     “I will clamp your nipples and your clit, too. I will play with your pussy with my mouth, my fingers, and my toys. I want to tie you up and spank your ass until it’s a nice rosy color. I’ll flog you and whip you until you’re shaking from pleasure. I will tease you and bring you to multiple releases.” He took a deep breath and closed his eyes. When he reopened them, they were hooded with desire. “Then do it all over again and again.”
     Her pussy clenched. She wanted these things, too. She wanted him to take her, make her his.
     “Based on our earlier conversation, how much anal play have you had?”
     Heat flared over her skin. “Not much. Just plugs and beads.”
     “We’ll work on that, then. I will push your limits, Jessie. Are you ready for that?”
     She closed her eyes and then opened them. Lord, she wanted this. No, she wanted Caleb. He called to her submissive side in a way no one ever had before. Her gaze met his. “Yes, Caleb I’m ready. I want all of that, too.” Her heart pounded.
     “Okay.” His fingers cupped her chin. “I’m not the same boy who left here twelve years ago. I’ve grown into a man. A dominant man.”

Please visit My Sexy Saturday for more blogs to read.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Guest Today: Starr Gardinier and Giveaway

Today I have the pleasure of having Starr Gardinier on my blog.  See below for instructions on how to enter the giveaway.

Welcome Starr.

Please tell us a little bit about yourself:

I’m a paralegal by day. By nights and weekends, I’m that not-so-famous but eager to become renowned, author who has previously written in the crime genre, but switched to the paranormal. I feel I’m more at ease making the impossible plausible.

Crime genre to paranormal that's an interesting switch.

What do you like the most and least about writing?

What I like the most? I’d have to say the challenge of creating a paranormal story that is believable to the reader. As to the least about writing is the waiting—after I’ve written the book, edited it numerous times along with my editor, and after I’ve pulled all my hair out—will I see results. I guess I’m impatient. Huh, who knew?

I'm like you love the creating, not so thrilled with the editing portion.

Give us a peek into your latest book:

That would be “The Other Side: Melinda’s Story,” which is book 1 in the Other Side series.

Melinda's family is dead, killed for information that is hidden deep within her mind. Her father tries to warn her from the 'Other Side' that she is in danger from the killers who want what only she can give them. Committed to Skyview Haven, she must determine if the 'Other Side' truly exists or if it is a trick of her heart and mind. With time running out Melinda must determine who she can trust. Is it the ghosts of her family, a boy who may not be who he appears to be, or the doctor who is determined to cure her? Can she figure out the truth before it is too late?

Sounds intriguing.

What's next on the horizon for you?

Book 2 in the Other Side series, “The Other Side: Trent’s Story” is with the copy-editors and the artist now. I hope to have that one out soon.

Book 3 in the Other Side series, “The Other Side: Ben’s Story” is written only in my mind. It hasn’t made it to the computer screen yet.

You've got your job cut out for you.

Is there anything else you'd like to tell readers?

This has been a mantra of mine for so long that people are probably sick of me saying this, but here I go. Never discourage your children. If they have a dream, let them dream it. If they change their minds, let them. Because if you discourage one idea, you never know if that is the one they are meant to live.

Here's an excerpt of The Other Side: Melinda's Story:

I tried to tell them it was going to happen, but nobody would listen. They all said I was just having bad dreams, or that I was crazy.

It started at my father’s funeral. It’s been so long since it first began, about eight years ago. Sometimes though, it seems like yesterday. My father was there. No, I don’t mean just in the casket. He was there. He talked to me, begged me to tell Mom that we all needed to run and hide. He said we were all in danger.

I asked him why he didn’t tell Mom himself. He said he tried, but she wasn’t listening. I heard him fine. But I didn’t believe him. Why would we be in danger? We can’t just up and leave. My friends are all here in Beaumont. When I told him that, he said it was important, that it was a matter of life and death. He seemed so worried, but I was so confused, I blew him off.

I guess when it first happened I didn’t pay any heed to his warning. We went on with our lives. Mom was grief stricken, my brother Kyle was in his own world playing videos and I was trying to shut my father out of my mind. Was I going crazy? What was wrong with me? Dad was dead, but I could still see and hear him.

If I tell you the story, will you believe me?

And here's a link to Starr's book trailer: 

Now for the fun stuff - giveaway.  Starr is giving away 1 e-book to a lucky person.  All you have to do is leave a comment and your email address.  Contest is open until Tuesday Sept. 22 at 12 noon pacific standard time.
Thank you for being on my blog today, Starr.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

One Sexy Boy - Marie Tuhart

Welcome to My Sexy Saturday # 110.

This week’s theme: One Sexy Boy

We all know it just takes one sexy boy to get us going. That boy will turn into the man of our dreams. They can start out on the wrong side of the tracks, the right side of the tracks, the rich side or even the poor side. They can be good or they can be bad, we will love them all the same.

Each Saturday we pick 7 words, 7 sentences or 7 paragraphs to share around the theme.

This week I picked 7 sentences. 

This is a scene from my first book In Plain Sight – this is right after Joe and Vicki have their first encounter in the elevator.  Joe has a reputation for being a bad boy, but he’s really not that bad.  Or is he?
        Vicki did that to him. Made him hot and hard.
She’d done it from the first time he’d seen her on the
seventeenth floor, blond hair tight against her head,
only a little make up, and the loose, drab suit, all
intended to disguise her sexuality.
        He wasn't fazed by it. He looked beneath the
surface right away and he knew he wanted her. He’d
fantasized about all the ways he’d have her. On the
desk, the floor, tied up on his bed, against the
wall…the list grew bigger and bigger. 


Oh, Joe can be such a bad boy.  Hope you enjoyed today's Sexy Saturday.  To check out more Sexy Saturday blogs click here.

#MySexySaturday, #Saturday7 #MSS110

Friday, September 18, 2015

Giveaway by Marie Tuhart

I'm having a Goodreads giveaway of my latest book Bound & Teased.

If you'd like to enter click here.  Giveaway ends on 9/30.

Monday, September 14, 2015

New Contract - Melt My Heart

I just signed my 8th contract with The Wild Rose Press for my book Melt My Heart.  It will be part of the Candy Hearts series releasing next year.

I had a lot of fun with this book, which includes a Golden Lab puppy, appropriate because my heroine is a veterinarian. 

To check out my pintrest page for pictures - click here

I’ll share more when I know more.  But I’m excited to have another contract.

Have a great week.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

My Sexy Saturday - My Sexy Girlfriend

Welcome to another My Sexy Saturday - be sure to click here to check out all the other blogs.

This weeks theme is: My Sexy Girlfriend

This one wasn't easy for me.  In More Than One Night, Beth is out with her girl friends and her girl friends are trying to get her to loosen up and have a wild fling for one night.  This is right after the hero walks into the bar and her friends are all hot and bothered. Here's 7 paragraphs.

     Time to remember Beth’s Rules for Dating. One: No thinking about men. Two: No thinking about men. Three through ten: No thinking about men.

     Although this man did tempt her to do more than think, he tempted her to stare and touch.

     “I do believe the temperature in here went up,” said Karen.

     “If I wasn’t engaged, I’d love to get a piece of that man,” commented Carla.

      “Well, I’m not engaged or otherwise,” said Theresa.

       Mine. The word popped into Beth’s head, but thankfully she kept from saying it out loud. Her gaze stayed on the hunk. What was it about him? Other men were as handsome, but it was something more. Something raw, elemental, that called to the woman in her.

       A waitress sashayed up to his table, flirted with him while taking his order. But his features never changed, it was as if he didn’t notice her flirting. The waitress flounced away.

I hoped you liked this entry.  If you're interested in learning more about More Than One Night click here

Monday, September 7, 2015

Where did the Summer go

I can’t believe it’s September.  Wasn’t it just June yesterday?

That’s really how I feel.  I’ve been busy but I seriously wondered what happened to the summer.  I had to look back at my calendar to see what I’d been doing that the time had passed so quickly and realized I was doing a lot of writing.

I’d written a short novella, edited it and sent it in to my editor.  And then I was knee deep into edits on another book, then planning for it’\s release and doing all the marketing/promotion stuff that goes with in.  And planned out another book and started writing it.

Then there was family events and the normal day to day stuff I have to take care of and wham it’s September.

They say as you get older time passes more quickly, I think it’s because we’re so busy we don’t realize how quickly time is passing. 

Have a great Labor Day and a fantastic week.

Saturday, September 5, 2015

My Sexy Saturday - Talk Sexy to Me

This is the 108th week of My Sexy Saturday.

I had a hard time picking for this week. I chose 7 paragraphs this week.  Just to give you the readers some background.  Caleb and Jessie have know each other since high school.  Jessie runs the only BDSM club in the Maine town of Lobster Cove.  Caleb has returned to Lobster Cove to work for Jessie in the capacity of a dungeon monitor.  He visited the club before his job interview and the two of them had an encounter.  She didn't know who he was at their first encounter at the club.  Now he's working there and he sees his chance to make his move and have her know who he is.

     “Looking for me?” he whispered in her ear at the same time his hands came to her shoulders. She jumped but didn’t pull away.  “Look at the scene,” he ordered as she began to turn her head to look at him. He wanted her attention on the scene where the Domme was flogging her sub, and to keep the mystery for a little while longer.

     “You came back.” Her voice was soft.

      “Yes.” He let his nails trace the column of her neck and was rewarded when she shivered. “We didn’t get to finish the other night. Are you available?”

     “I am.” She stretched her neck. “Just not now. Later, after the crowd is gone.”

      “Are you sure about this?”

       She nodded.

       “Then look at me.” He turned her around. Her breasts strained against the dark red corset when she took a deep breath and tilted her head back.

Hope you enjoyed this little piece of the book.

If you're interested you can find Red Club Temptation here.

Until next week - have a fantastic time.