Monday, March 29, 2010

Post Delayed Today

I'm late today.

The last week has been a trial in computer problems. Last Sunday I upgraded my browser when it asked me to, in doing that I lost all Java functions.

I thought this should be easy to fix. Nope.

I spent 3 hours Sunday, 4 hours Monday, 2 hours Tuesday and 2 hours Wednesday night, installing/uninstalling trying to back out of the changes I made on Sunday. Nothing worked. So yesterday I paid Java to fix my issue.

And they did. Within 45 minutes, my Java was fixed, I could get back into my games and most of all the chat with The Wild Rose Press authors.

Learned my lesson, never update the browser until you know what its going to do next.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Where does the time go

I'm usually very good at managing my time, but lately it seems like it's getting more and more unmanageable.

I've lost track of self-imposed deadlines, material I'm should be sending out to conferences, contest entries, housework, etc.

It's been a struggle to get back on track, this week I managed some success, I wrote all week but one day, and I finished up the last of the edits on the work in progress, and it now sits in the hands of my critique partners. I still have to write the synopsis and query this week. I've been keeping up with the household bills, emails, blogs and even managed to chop down the knee high weeds in the back yard.

This week I'm determined to get back on schedule. I'll finish judging the contest entries I have and send them back, start work on the the other work in progress so I can get it ready to submit, exercise and keep up with everything else. But in order to do this I have to managed my time very carefully.

That means I can't play when I get home from the day job, it means getting everything done before I play any computer games, it means I have to be strict with myself and do what I need to do, not what I want to do.

I can do it, I've done it before.

What can you do this week? What have you been putting off that really needs to be done?

Monday, March 15, 2010


It doesn't matter that I've published a book, I'm still receiving rejections. And that's okay. This last one, was one of the best rejections I've received in all my career.

I know that sounds funny, best rejection. But the editor took the time to tell me exactly why she didn't buy the book and she also took the time to point out that I was doing everything right, the plot of the book wasn't unique enough for the line I was aiming for.

I understood, and the editor had a very valid point, I appreciated the time she took to explain to me why she was rejection my book. And the other good news is she'd like to see more from me.

Now if I could quit the day job so I could write more.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Excerpt from FRENCH TART

Friday, I had an interview with Sloane Taylor celebrating her new release FRENCH TART, today here is an excerpt.

"Ooh la la, Mademoiselle, voulze-vous a la baise?"

Donatienne's running shoes squeaked to a halt on the cracked, gray linoleum. Fuck him? She didn't fuck just anyone, especially if she didn't know his name.

"Not unless you have more money than I could ever dream of, you pig." She refusted to turn back toward the crackly voice.

"What? Is your pussy made of gold?"

She gritted her teeth. Insolent bastard.

"Yes, it is. And equipped with a set of rusty fangs to rip off anything that tries to get inside." Smartass answers weren't her best first impression at the haute cuisine cooking school she'd waited so long to attend. She had to shake the lowlife who thought he could get away with insults before Chef tossed her out.

Ignore him. Just keep moving. Doni straightened her shoulders and walked past the double door refrigerator.

"Perhaps you prefer to give Pierre a blow job. He would make it worth your time." A cackle filled the air. "Come on, baby. You know you want me, you slut."

The fine hairs at the nape of her neck jumped to attention. Doni whirled around, swinging out her arm. She launched her heavy tote at the dumpy man in the splattered apron planted in front of the stainless steel stove.


A satisfying sound to Doni's ears as her bag connected with his diaphragm and he buckled.

She sprinted a dozen steps toward him, punching air until her fists mashed into his doughy flesh. He shot out his hands. She dodged to the right, away from his reach. Her feet slipped on the waxed floor. Flailing her arms, she grabbed for anything handy. Crash. A white cloud billowed up , blinding her. They fell to the floor with Doni on top, tangled in a mass of apron and legs.

"Protect your balls. Protect your balls. The slut is crazy."

Great excerpt Sloane. To buy FRENCH TART simply click here.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Welcome to Sloane Taylor

Today, I have a guest, Sloane Taylor.

Hi, Marie, thanks for having me out today. I'm looking foward to your grilling, er - I mean chatting with you. :)

Tell us a bit about yourself, Sloane.

I'm a sensual woman who believes humor and sex are healthy aspects of our everday lives which carry over into my books.

My stories are set in Europe where the men are all males and the North American women they encounter are both feminine and strong. As a true romantic, my women bring more than lust to their men's lives.

I was born and raised in Chicago. Studly, my non-husband and mate for life, and I split our time between a home in Illinois and a weekend cottage on the back roads of Indiana...or you can catch up with me as I travel through Europe, researching new material.

Tell us what kind of stories/books you write?

My books are sexually explicit romance novels with happy endings. Now isn't that a surprise? LOL. I write wit a touch of humor while my villains border on the dark side. It's a lot of fun coming up with new ways to be mean.

Tell us how long you've been writing?

In truth it hasn't been all that long, only six years. In that time I've learned a great deal and have been fortunate to be with two excellent publishers, Amber Quill Press and Aspen Mountain Press.

Tell us about your typical writing day?

When I'm not being lazy, I'm at the keyboard by 7 a.m. with a steaming cup of coffee and a fuzzy brain. First, I write a full to-do list, which rarely gets completed. Yes, Marie, I'm anal. LOL. All emails are answered, then it's promo time on the loops and another well deserved coffee. Around 10 I start back with the current story and work until 1 when I break fro lunch. After, emails are answered and it's back to writing/editing until about 5 when Studs gets home. With this kind of schedule you'd think I'd have hundreds of books ready to publish. Not.

Tell us about your Men of Munich series?

Six years ago all these silent movies started racing through my brain. I had to write them down or go crazy. The first book in the series, published through Aspen Mountain Press, is TEDDY TURNS ON, a 2009 EPPIE Finalist. Here's a blurb:

No one's going to take advantage of Teddi Howard again, including the Munich tour operator who screwed her over when he reneged on their contract. Her only option is to face the little weasel.

Nothing stands in the way of the prominent, German businessman David Stiefle, especially a woman. No way is he ever getting involved, even if she is the sensual Mrs. Howard.

LONNIE HEATS UP is the second installment.

Lost in the Austrian Alps, psychologist Lonnie Copley is forced to accept help from a Hell's Angel wannabe. She never expected to be trapped with the Aryan god in a deserted Castle Flophouse.

Disgusted with cleaning up his client's dirty lives, attorney Wolfe Deider is in major career thrones. He doesn't need some insolent woman mucking up his mind, even if she does have a mouth made for kissing.

FRANCINE ON FIRE is number three.

Francine Daniels doesn't trust men. Not since two husbands and a con artist ruined her life. After years of struggle - during which she took back control and soared to new heights - there is no place in her plans for a German hottie...Even if she does burst into flames at his touch.

Heicke Brewer already made one disastrous trip down the aisle, and never plans to go this route again. He prefers the parade of international beauties lined up outside his bedroom door to enjoy his 'satisfaction guaranteed' reputation...Until he meets an American pixie to hot not to handles.

Last but not least is ISABELLA IGNITES

Jet setter Isabella Carrington has it all, fame, heart-stopping looks, and carte blanche over every man she meets, except one. Staid accountant Rhineholdt Hoffman proves to be immune to her charms. Until on ehot Venetian night.

Rhineholdt came to Venice to escape a lift that holds no meaning. He's sworn off sex until a chance encounter with the luscious Isabella. Their heated affair sets the City of Bridges on fire and forces him to face the fears holding him back.

So what does a woman who has everything, except the right man, do for fun? Come...Take a peek behind Isabella's bedroom done.

You can see this was a fun series to write. :)

Tell us about your current release?

FRENCH TART is the first in a five book series, again from Aspen Mountain Press. Here's a blurb to tempt you:

Determined to prove herself and shed her party girl image, Donatienne Dubious pins her hopes on the exclusive cooking school in Nice, France. One by one her expectations are shattered by a foul-mouthed parrot, a bogus Michelin chef, and a headmistress with a heart of tungsten steel. Her lifesaver is a bad boy hunk too hot not to handle.

Sebastien Reinhard is incognito, hating every minute. To pose as a student while protecting a rich wild child is his version of hell, until he partners with the slice of Creme Brule good enough to eat.

Class takes on a whole new meaning as Doni and Sebastien heat up the kitchen when they discover honey has better uses than sweetening tea.

Anything else you want to tell us?

I'd like to invite your readers to visit me at my website and check out the What's Cooking section under Fun Stuff. I'm an avid cook and love to share recipes. You can also find me on Facebook and My Space. I love to hear from people so please feel free to email me through my website with any questions or comments. I'll be sure to answer you.

Thanks for sharing your world, Sloane.

Thank you again, Marie. This has been great.

Monday, March 1, 2010

March Already?

Can you tell by the title, that I can't believe it's March already?

I having trouble figuring out where February went. It wasn't the best of months for me, for two weeks the day job seriously interfered with the writing. I try not to let it, but there are some weeks that the stress gets to me.

But I'm wiping the slate clean for March, it's a new month and I have my goals in place.