Monday, December 27, 2010

What I'm Up To

Christmas is over with for another year. I spent time last week plotting out a new 3 book series I want to start writing in January, and I plan on doing more this week.

It's hard for me to believe another year has gone by, but it has. I managed to accomplish a lot this year and I'm looking forward to the New Year.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Time Off From The Day Job

I took some vacation time from the day job which is always nice. That means I have more time to work on my writing.

There are days and weeks its very hard to work a full-time job, deal with family, do all the things that need to be done and write, so I savor the time when I can take write.

I may also take a day or two for myself, to play and enjoy life.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Guest: Jenna Howard

I'm thrilled to have Jenna Howard on my blog today to celebrate her release Spurred On

Tell us a little about yourself:

Let's see. I'm a Canadian girl. I'm a single gal. Oh if only my personal life were as successful as my books. I'm the proud Aunt of two nephews who my everything.

I'm coming off a five year hiatus. The words dried up when my dad died. Truthfully, I dried up. Then last year I found myself opening up old Word files, reading old releases and I realized how much I missed writing. Coming back has been a gruelling battle because I kept telling myself "It wasn't this hard 5 years ago." and "Five years ago I was good…what's all this crap??"

I've always written, always created stories. The first story I manufactured was in grade one when I told a friend we were moving to Japan. I didn't even know where Japan was but I convinced her. It took awhile for me to find erotic romance. My best friend (the no longer writing) Kate Lang was on confined to bed with her pregnancy and both of us were having a hard time with our writing (recovering from two equally horrific romantic comedies) when she found Ellora's Cave and called me up: "We can totally write this." We read a few stories and yes…we could totally write this. Once I found erotic-romance everything just fit. The characters, the wicked wicked sex, and the utter freedom of writing what I was supposed to be writing, not what others thought I should.

That was the lesson I learned with attempting writing series romances and (gag) romantic comedy - write what fits you and it will all come together. You'll no longer feel like you suck as a writer. Once you find where your words fit…man…it's the best high.

What do like the most and the least about writing?

It's all co-related for me. I've forgotten how much I love writing since I stopped five years ago after my dad's death. The words seemed so unimportant then. It's the voices, you know? The ones that awaken and say "Have I got a story for you." The entire process has a love-hate thing for me. I love the words, I hate I jump the plot shark. I love when it works. I hate when it works because then I have to stop writing because the reality of my job beckons or I can't sleep because those damn voices in my head. I love the fear of submitting. I hate the waiting. I love it all - even the parts I hate. I just love this job. Period.

Give us a peek into your latest published work?

Country singer and secret Domme Jessa Brody is home to perform at the Calgary Stampede and to brainstorm some new songs for her next album. Sexy bronc rider Luke O'Connor is once again the perfect inspiration for her songs and naughty dreams. Strong, brave and handsome, he's man enough to submit to her wildest desires. But can she handle the responsibilities that go hand in hand with being a good Domme, or will she lose herself --and Luke--when Spurred On?

What’s next on the writing horizon for you?

I have a submission in at Liquid Silver Books right now. A hockey player who's found himself attracted to his best friend's older sister. I'm working on Jessa's best friend, Robin's story also. So many irons in the fire.

Is there anything you want to tell readers?

Buy my book? *grin* No seriously…buy my book.

Excerpt for Spurred on:

“Oh, he’s a love.” Standing up, she walked over to the horse and leaned against him. “Aren’t you?” She stroked the horse’s back, loving the curve and muscles.

Luke’s gaze followed her hand.

That’s right, I could be stroking you like this.

Jessa gave the muscular rump a sharp slap and Luke’s nostrils flared. Her body hummed. She handed him the guitar then hopped onto the gate. Swinging her legs over, she jumped down.

“See, the secret to Crow is simple.” Finally, she faced Luke.

He tried to look casual and unaffected but she didn’t believe the act. Luke held himself still—wary yet curious, curious but wary.

“He’s all tough and shit until you set the rules. A little knee in the belly as you tighten the cinch. Sure, he’ll buck.” When she leaned against Luke, his breath sucked in audibly. “But you ride him hard until he knows who holds the reins.” She licked along his jaw and cupped the thick bulge beneath the faded denim and squeezed. “Giddy up,” she whispered in his ear.

Every inch of his six feet shuddered. There was something potent in making the strong tremble. She took her guitar from him. “You look good, Luke,” she called as she walked out of the stable.

Holy hell, her nipples throbbed and her pussy ached. She’d also die before admitting that inside she was bouncing around like a teenage girl yelling, “He’s here! He’s here!”

Would Luke still buck her control?

Thanks for being with us today, Jenna.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Welcome to Rachel Leigh

Today I have a guest blogger Rachel Leigh, she will tell us a bit about herself and talk about her current book:

Tell us a little about yourself:

I am married with two young daughters and live in the UK. I have been writing stories since I was a child but only seriously pursued published success when my youngest daughter started school five years ago.

I started out writing mainstream romance but ventured into the erotic side of things about a year ago. This is my first novella length story but I have had many erotic short stories published in UK magazines and online.

What do like the most and the least about writing?:

Most like - the editing once I've got the first draft down and receiving book covers!

Least like - the creation, believe it or not! If it's going well, it's great. If not? Yuk! But writing for me is a compulsion so I have no choice but to keep creating, whatever kind of day I'm having!

Give us a peek into your latest published work? (this can be an excerpt or blurb):

Here's the Blurb for my latest release from The Wild Rose Press, "Explicitly English"

Laura Markham needs to forget - just for awhile. Be someone else for change - live as her parents will never have the chance to. And for Laura, that means leaving the City for the English countryside and doing just what the hell she feels like…wherever she feels like doing it…

British stockbroker, Stephen Cambridge knows by going home to his country retreat two days early, he's likely to surprise his contracted interior designer. And when he finds out she's the woman who performed the solo masturbation show for him on the inward bound journey, Stephen will do anything to further convince her to miss outward bound train and stay with him forever…

What’s next on the writing horizon for you?:

I have my second novella under consideration as we speak - it is set in England with a British hero and heroine who are re-united as several years apart. Despite their differences, their fire is too hot to extinguish…

Is there anything you want to tell readers:

I LOVE hearing from readers and I also host guest erotic romance authors every Tuesday and Thursday so please come by and join in the fun - I'd love to hear from you!

Buy Link for Explicitly English click here

Excerpt from my latest release, "Explicitly English"

She smiled. He lowered his paper, smiled back. And her stomach immediately executed a strange loop the loop. Maybe she should have a little fun on the way to the meeting. Let him catch a cheeky eyeful of her pussy, while appearing oblivious to the fact that her skirt had crawled way up past thigh level. She squirmed deliciously in her seat and turned her suddenly hot cheek to the cold pane of the window.

Her naughty and impossibly dirty conscience sat on her right shoulder, while her good, ambitious, and hardworking conscience teetered precariously on her left. Laura abruptly flicked her off with a mental tip of her head. If she’d learned nothing else since her parents’ death, she’d learned about living for the here and now.

Barely suppressing her grin, Laura shimmed forward and shrugged provocatively out of her jacket. She stole a surreptitious glance to the side. His gaze was locked on her breasts—his semi-erect cock pressed against the crotch of his trousers. A clear go-ahead in anyone’s book.

Tipping her head back, Laura scored her fingers through her hair and shook it out as she attempted to regulate her quickened breathing and aching clit. Who was she to keep from the guy what he so clearly wanted? If nothing else, she had to know if he had the guts to see this impromptu voyeur session through. She squeezed her thighs together against the pulsing at her center.

Flicking out her tongue, Laura slowly wet her bottom lip.

His gaze followed the gesture and he shifted back in his seat. A dart of excitement shot through her abdomen. What’s the matter sweetheart? Your trousers a little tight?

Thank you for being my guest today Rachel.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Revision on new Book

I've been working on revisions to my third book "Saddle Up."

It's always interesting when I have to do revisions because it almost as creative as writing the book the first time. I have to do a bit more thinking than creating due to deletion and addition of scenes, but it keeps me busy and happy.

Many writers hate the word revision, I don't, at least not yet. It helps me see where I can make my book better, and allows me to see what I can do better in the next book.

Monday, November 29, 2010


I've been working on my galleys for my latest book Roped and Ready. It's amazing the things you find when you've distanced yourself from the story.

Here's the blurb for Roped and Ready:

Quick Silver Ranch is no ordinary dude ranch.

After Becca Dalton finds her fiancé in bed with her boss, she ends the ill-fated engagement on the spot and quits her job. She heads to Quick Silver Ranch, looking to regroup before an interview for the job of her dreams--an executive position at a five-star hotel.

Becca's best-laid plans are ruined when she discovers the exclusive ranch is for consenting couples who spend their days and nights exploring their most wicked sexual fantasies. For Becca to remain at the ranch and take advantage of all the arousing activities, she needs a partner.

Her sexy college lover and part owner of the ranch, Tyler Carson, is willing to break all the rules, partner up with Becca and have her roped and ready for a week of unimaginable pleasure. But is a week enough to satisfy his desire for Becca?

As soon as I have a release date and cover I will post to the blog.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving everyone, have a great day no matter what you do today.

And if you plan on shopping on Black Friday, be careful out there.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Sold Book 3

I'm happy to announce the sale of book number 3. It will be another book in the Cowboy Kink series for The Wild Rose Press Scarlet line.

This book is the secondary characters out of Roped & Ready, Angie and Jared. I'm thrilled to be able to tell their story. When I have more information on release date and cover I will post here.

Monday, November 15, 2010

The Wild Rose Press Dinner

At the Emerald City Writers Conference authors from The Wild Rose Press met for dinner on Saturday night. And Lori an editor for The Wild Rose Press, Scarlet Rose line joined us.

We had a blast. I enjoyed being able to talk to everyone. I learned a lot from these ladies that night and had a great time.

There were many Wild Rose Press authors at the conference and meeting all of them made me feel I'm in great company. The Wild Rose Press is a great company and I love working for them, and I'm looking forward to working with them for many more years.

Monday, November 8, 2010

My First Book Signing

I was honored when the Emerald City Writers Conference asked me if I wanted to participate in their book signing. It was a surprise, because I am an e-published author only, which means my books are only available on-line. But ECWC made it work, there were 8 of us who were e-published authors only.

ECWC created a scavenger hunt where you had to visit each author and get a stamp, and there were question to answer as well. This helped drive traffic to each e-pub author, but also gave us the chance to talk to people.

I met lots of great people and had lots of fun. Thanks to Shelli Stevens who sat next to me and didn't allow me time to be nervous.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Guest Blogging Today

I'm guest blogging at The Roses of Prose today

I'm giving away one copy of my e-book, In Plain Sight to one commenter and please check the comments for how you can get something special from me.


Monday, November 1, 2010

More Learning from Emerald City Writers Conference

I attended a lot of workshop, but what resonated with me the most were workshops on social networking, promotion and writing back cover copy.

I'm fairly new to social networking, so this workshop helped me understand what's out there and what to try. To top it off I was able to meet the wonderful Barbara Vey, from PW's Beyond Her Book blog.

Deborah Schneider is not only a writer, but a librarian, who helps romance writers every way she can, she gave a good presentation on promotion. Now I have a better idea of what I need to do.

I learned about Copy Right Basics from Teresa Bodwell, then there was Writing Killer Back Copy by Theresa Meyers.

The last workshop I attended was – Fling Factor Making Law Enforcement Characters Real by Margaret Taylor. This was a great workshop, I'd met Margaret on Friday but didn't realize it was her workshop. Margaret gave a great presentation about law enforcement (the best one I've been to in years), and because she showed us several weapons it helped me understand them better than before. Not only is Margaret a retired law enforcement, but she's a writer and a great person. I had a lot of fun with her.

Now I have to start applying what I've learned to my writing and other aspects of being a published writer.

Monday, October 25, 2010

I'm Still A Guy

I know a funny blog title since I'm a woman. This was the title of a workshop put on by Paty Jager at the Emerald City Writers Conference.

Paty was presenting on Sunday at 8 a.m., and bless her heart, she brought everyone scones. The workshop was well attended after many of us (including Paty) were up late the night before.

Paty gave a great presentation about men, and to remind all of us that all men will have the same gut reactions. They may not act on that reaction, but they will have it. She gave me ideas on how to make my men more masculine and true to the male code.

Thank you Paty for the insight and a wonderful presentation early on Sunday morning.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Is it Piracy?

I usually don't do this, but I really feel this is important.

A few months ago Dorchester announced they were no longer doing mass market paperbacks and re-organizing into e-book and trade books only. I found out today that there's more to the story.

Smart Bitches posted a blog, click here to read it. And please do read it, it explains what is happening to some of the Dorchester authors. One author has explained it's not about money but about the principle and business.

She's right, in my opinion, writing is a business and if we authors don't treat it as such it invites more issues like what some of the Dorchester authors are experiencing.

I've never done business with Dorchester, I have met the editor Chris and former editor Leah. I agree the editor doesn't have much control over what the publisher is doing. Except to quit his job.

Dorchester looks like a sinking ship to me.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Getting Back Into The Swing of Things

I'm working on getting back into the swing of things. The Emerald City Writers Conference was two weeks ago. I had a great time and took some vacation time after the conference, so now I'm playing catch up.

It always seems that way, whenever I take time off from writing, the day job, etc. then I spend lots of time playing catch up, this time is no different.

I'll be honest, it's worth it. We all needs some down time, regardless if something else doesn't get done. Because I'm a semi-goal oriented person, I'm mapping out what has to be done each evening after the day job and tackling one item at a time. This helps me get back on track.

Over the next few weeks I'll be posting about the workshops I went to at the Emerald City Writers Conference, the book signing, and The Wild Rose Press dinner.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Laurie Schnebly Campbell – Emerald City Writers Conference

I've know Laurie for several years, not only from taking her classes on-line, but from being her driver to my local RWA chapter meetings where she's spoken.

Laurie is fun to be around and a wonderful teacher. I always learn something from her, and I know my writing and life is richer from knowing her.

It's all part of writing, to be able to network with people, but sometimes we click with a special person or two who really helps us see where we can improve our writing and our lives.

I'm so lucky to have Laurie as my friend. Her workshop at the conference His Personality Ladder was great. Laurie does this class on-line, but I love having a refresher, it helped remind me that my hero has to have his journey during the book as well, it's how he grows and changes.

Sometimes as writers we only concentrate on one character.

If you're interest in finding out more about Laurie's Classes you can visit her website here or sign up for her class announcement list here

Monday, October 4, 2010

After Emerald City Writers Conference

What a weekend. I had a fantastic time. I was able to meet with old friends, and make new one. My first book siging went well, I was nervous but I sat next to Shelli Stevens who is a wonderful erotic romance author and she helped me stay calm.

Everyone is so friendly and so willing to talk to you. I've never found another profession that has people like this. I had so much fun, but I'm totally exhausted as well.

I'll have more over the conference over the next few weeks.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Emerald City Writers Conference

Later this week I'll be on my way to Belluvue, Washington, not too far from Seattle, for the Emerald City Writers Conference. I've attended this conference before, but it's been two years since my last one.

I love this conference, it’s a nice small regional RWA conference put on by an RWA chapter that welcomes all writers not matter how you are published.

What's also nice, not only do I get a chance to catch up with friends at this conference, but I make new friends.

If you happen to be in the area, come by the book signing Saturday Oct. 2nd at 4 p.m. at the Hilton Hotel in Belluevue, the book signing is open to everyone. I'll be there. While I don't have a book to sign you can pick up a bookmark, post card and other goodies from me. Hope to see you there.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Another Crazy Week

Sometimes I have to wonder if the planets are aligned wrong. Last week was one of those types of weeks. The day job went out of control, I have more on my plate than I can deal with right now, but things still need to be done.

I finished up some edits on the next book and sent it off to my editor by the due date, thank goodness. It was a bit close, but I made it and that's what counts.

The next two weeks will be even more hectic as I get ready to attend the Emerald City Writers Conference in Belluve Washington Oct 1,2 & 3. If you're in the area, the book signing is Saturday afternoon. I'll post more next week on the location and time.

I'll be in the book signing along with other Wild Rose Press authors.

Have a great week.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Another Week Gone

Another week has gone by and I'm still trying to catch my breath. I don't mind being busy but sometimes I wish I could have twenty-four hours to myself. But it's not possible right now.

So tell me, what do you do to relax when you have some time to yourself?

Lately, I've been taking thirty minutes at night to sit and read, it might take me a while to finish a book, but it allows me to relax and keep my finger on the pulse of what is being published.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day Weekend

I have to admit I love three day weekends. It's so nice to have that extra day off from the day job, but that doesn't mean I'm not working. I'm always working on either the next book, promotion, researching the next book, or checking out new opportunities.

But the other good thing about a three day weekend, is I can allow myself to play a little bit more than I can on regular weekends. I have an extra day, which means I can read longer than normal, or I can go visit the blogs I like to read, that I don't always get a chance to read, or to simply sleep in for a while.

How did you spend the long weekend?

Monday, August 30, 2010

Edits are Done

First and second round of edits on Roped and Ready are now back in the hands of my editor and I can get back to my other books I set aside.

Sometimes it's difficult sometimes to put a book I've been working on aside to work on another one, but I'm learning.

I'm going to apply what I've learned out of these edits to my other books, this way the books will be cleaner when my editor receives them.

I really appreciate my editor because she helps me become a stronger writer with each book.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Editing and Life

Edits for Roped and Ready are almost back into the hands of my editor. Due to a family crisis I had to stop editing and take care of family.

Thankfully everything is okay and it wasn't a serious issue, but it was a scare.

Now I've got to get back to the edits because I hate being late.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Balancing Act Get Tricky

Last week I mentioned that it's a delicate balancing act with writing and working a full time job. There are weeks this balancing act gets tricky.

Last week was that way. Thing went a bit out of control at the day job, so I had to fight each day to make sure I took my lunch time, and did what I need to do around my writing.

With a full-time job, I use my lunch time to write or edit, or whatever is going on that I need to do related to my writing. When I have to fight for my lunch time, it makes me nervous, that is because I'm becoming over extended at the day job.

When this happens, I have to force myself to take a step back and decide what can wait on the day job and what can't. I have to do the same with my writing.

It's not easy to do, I hate to let things slide including this blog, which happened during June and July this year. But I'm working on figuring out a better schedule that works for me. It's not always easy, there are only so many hours in the day.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Edit Time

I received edits for Roped and Ready over the weekend.

While I've been waiting for the edits, I've been working on tow other books. I needed to keep busy while waiting for the edits.

I've done some clean up edits on the other books I want to send my editor once we're through with this one.

One is the secondary characters from Roped and Ready, tentatively called Saddle up. It's been a fun story to write, but has a lot of clean up work to it. My first drafts are mainly dialogue so I have to add a lot during the editing process.

Plus my critique group gave me back edits on another book I've completed, tentatively called His For The Weekend, so I need to clean that one up to be ready for my editor.

A writers job is never done.

Monday, August 2, 2010

August - It' Can't Be

It's August already, it seems like the months are flying by. I have to wonder how many of my yearly goals I've accomplished this year. I won't look, that's part of my process, I write my goals at the beginning of the year and I don't look at them until the end of the year, it's always nice to see how many I've accomplished.

I'm working on a new book the secondary characters from Roped and Ready.

Who knew when I sold my first book last year, that I'd be so busy this year. I've always enjoyed writing, and this year I've been writing more than I ever thought I would while working a full time job.

It's a delicate balancing act.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Edits Are Back

I've received the edits on my second book Roped and Ready and I'm busy working on those.

I will admit, I like the editing stage more than I thought. It helps me see where I need to improve my writing, but it also shows me where I'm already doing well.

Do you like editing your book?

Monday, July 19, 2010

I've Been Busy

I'm so sorry for not posting before today. I've been on deadline, one I didn't expect to have. With my second sale, my editor asked if I would write the secondary characters book.

I said yes, then panicked. From the beginning of June until just last week, I've been plotting, and writing the book. I shipped off the draft of the book last Friday, not it's time to play catch up. And get back to blogging again.

Soon I'm going to open my blog to guest bloggers.

Have a great week.

Monday, July 5, 2010

July Already

I can't believe 6 months of the year has already passed, probably because I've been busy and time flies when one is too busy to think.

In January I was preparing for the release of my book In Plain Sight from the Wild Rose Press. Then all the promotion that went with the release day and after. Also attended an all day workshop by Donald Maass.

February, still doing promotion, writing another book and figuring out what I'm going to do next.

March, still doing promotion, editing the new WIP, deciding on what I'm going to write next.

April, still doing promotion, sent WIP off to editor, starting to plan out what I want to write next, and writing the next WIP

May, Finishing the WIP, getting off to my critique group, and hearing from my editor at The Wild Rose Press they want to buy the next book.

June, signing contract, deciding on title, blurb for the new book. Start planning another book and start writing the next book.

July 1-4, family visiting, no time for anything. Still have lots to do, promised editor next book and it's not ready yet - and I hate being late for anything.

For some this may not seem like much, but since I work a full-time job, for me it's a lot. Plus taking care of the daily life stuff, such as bills, cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping, etc. I'm amaze at home much I get done sometimes.

I can be disciplined, it's a matter of getting the brain to work with that discipline.

Have a great week.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Guest: Paty Jager

Today I have a guest, The Wild Rose Press author Paty Jager talking about her new book Doctor in Petticoats.

When I decided my hero in Doctor in Petticoats needed to attend the blind school in Salem, OR, I had to find out about means of transportation across the state in 1889. After sending several e-mails to a reference librarian, she hooked me up with an expert on the railroads of Oregon. Through his information and references he sent me, I was able to piece together a trip from Salem to Baker City, OR.

My characters had to take a five hour trip with many stops from Salem to Portland on the Oregon California line. They boarded the Oregon Rail and Navigation Company in Portland at 7 PM and arrived in Baker City by noon the following day. The fare ranged around $20 plus a $2 charge if they stayed in a sleeping car.

At the time Pullman Palace cars, the most luxurious of sleeping cars were being used. These cars had berths for 48 people. The glass doors were decorated with etched glass. Ornamental chandeliers, mirrors, black walnut paneling, and wainscoting decorated the elaborate cars. The seats faced one another and were made into a top and bottom bunk at night by the attendants. The cars were heated and had hot water in the men's and women's lavatories.

Some trains had dining cars for small fare, like drinks, sandwiches, and baked goods. The train stopped at Bonneville and Meacham for the occupants to purchase $1 meals at the railroad owned restaurants.

A portion of my book takes place on the train trip from Salem to Baker City. My characters joined the 1889 version of the "mile high club" in the men's lavatory.

Blurb for Doctor in Petticoats

After a life-altering accident and a failed relationship, Dr. Rachel Tarkiel gave up on love and settled for a life healing others as the physician at a School for the Blind. She's happy in her vocation--until handsome Clay Halsey shows up and inspires her to want more.

Blinded by a person he considered a friend, Clay curses his circumstances and his limitations. Intriguing Dr. Tarkiel shows him no pity, though. To her, he's as much a man as he ever was.

Can these two wounded souls conquer outside obstacles, as well as their own internal fears, and find love?


“Slip your undergarment and dress back up. Someone’s knocked on the door twice.” He kissed her forehead and helped her into the top half of her dress.

Clay ran water into a basin and steadied his racing heart. If not for the man wanting in here, he would have taken her the first time in a washroom. He grimaced at his lack of control.

Rachel slid off the counter. Her clothing rustled, and when he deemed she was put back together, he handed her a wet cloth and buttoned his shirt.

“Thank you.” She took the rag and kissed his cheek. “For the rag and the wonderful ride.”

A knock sounded louder.

“I think we better head back to our seats.”

Walking out of this room with him would be embarrassing for Rachel. He wouldn’t see the looks and leers, but she would. Once again he’d let his body overrule his head. “I-I hope you don’t get ridiculed for this.”

She tucked her arm in his. “Let me worry about that.

They walked to the door, a wooden slat slid, and she pushed the door open.

“Excuse me, sir, could you step back. My husband is blind, and I don’t want him tripping over you.” Rachel tugged on his arm. “Thank you.” They walked the fifteen steps to their compartment.

Her hat bumped against his shoulder. “See, nothing to it. Not a snide remark or over-calculating look.”

Clay shook his head and smiled. After the way he’d ravaged her in the washroom, she should have been blushing and fumbling about, but his Rachel could handle any situation.

Blog Tour Contest

Today is my fourth day on my fifteen blog/twelve day tour. Leave a comment and follow me to all the blogs on my tour and you could win an autographed copy of my June release, Doctor in Petticoats, a B&N gift card, and a summer tote filled with goodies. To find out all the places I'll be, or have been, go to my blog- to find the list.


Monday, June 28, 2010


Two weeks have gone by and I didn't even realize it.

I'm so sorry that I haven't posted. My life has been crazy, I'm on deadline for sending a manuscript to my editor and I've been writing like a demon.

On Friday I will be having Paty Jager who write for The Wild Rose Press as a guest. She will be talking about her latest release.

Please stop by and say Hi.

I'll do better this month.

Have a great week.


Monday, June 14, 2010

Busy Time of Year

Summer seems to be my busy time of year, I'm not sure why.

The last week has been busy with contract signing, waiting for edits, planning out the next book. Plus there is all the household things that need to be done now that the weather is getting warmer.

Also it seems to be the time for family to want to visit. While I enjoy having my family visit, I don't like it when they all want to come at once which is happening over 4th of July weekend. I'm going to have a full house, and everyone is going to want to do things, and all I want to do that weekend is write. Since I have a full time job, long holiday weekends are one of my best writing times.

Oh, well, it means that I'll have to give up evening time to write before everyone gets here and after they go home.

The sacrifices I make for family :)

Monday, June 7, 2010

Sold Second Book

Woo Hoo - I've sold a second book to The Wild Rose Press.

I'm so excited and thrilled to be working with TWRP Scarlet line once again.

The book is called ROPED AND READY (isn't that a great title.)

I don't have a release date yet, but will post it when I do. Along with cover art, blurb, etc.

Have a great week.

Monday, May 31, 2010

Happy Memorial Day

Let us remember our fallen American warriors and those who still fight for our freedom.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Another Week Has Gone By

Another week has gone and I'm working hard at writing.

There are some weeks that are harder than others. Sometimes it's because the day job has stressed me out, or there are family things that need to get done. The last week has been like that, but each day I carved out some writing time.

Why? Because it's important to me. I want to be a full-time writer, some day. And in order to do that I have to writer. Which means I have to be disciplined about my writing.

I'm the first to admit, I'm not always disciplined about it, but I strive constantly to work at my writing, and to write.

Already this year I've accomplished a lot, but I have to remind myself not to push because then I start to lose my creative spark.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Spark Your Creativity

How do you spark your creativity?

There have been times in my life where I haven't felt like writing, I don't call it writers block, because it's not really a block. It's a time when I haven't felt creative, and when I think back to those times, I think about what I've done to become creative once again.

Most of the time I start reading, there's nothing like reading to help your mind get back to wanting to create your own characters and story.

Other times, I've given myself permission not to write. I let myself play on-line games, watch TV or a movie, or simply sit around and do nothing.

I need that break, I need to let my mind relax and settle down before that creative spark comes flying back demanding me to sit down at the computer and type.

I've also realized my creativity can be sparked by being excited about writing the next scene in my book or a character suddenly coming to life.

A few weeks ago, I was in this creative slump, I gave myself permission that I would only write one page a day. The minute I did that the pressure was off, and I wrote anywhere from one to fifteen pages in a day.

Anything can spark your creativity, it's learning to recognize it, and know when you need to let your creativity have a break.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Where Do Your Ideas Come From

As a writer I get this question a lot. And it's a hard one for me to answer because I get my ideas for my books from my characters.

I start developing my characters first, then I play what if and why game with myself and the characters.

For Example: IN PLAIN SIGHT, my Scarlet Rose book from The Wild Rose Press, I did this: What if a man and woman were trapped in an elevator?
And what if these two had been dancing around their attraction to each other for a while?
And what if they had sex in the stalled elevator?
What if the heroine had a stalker ex-fiance?
Why would he stalk her?
Why does the hero pursue her?
What if they work together in the same company?

That's all it took for me, the first scene blossomed from the what if a man and woman were trapped in an elevator. The other questions flowed and I started to write the opening of the book.

As you can see, the what if and the why play a big part in my ideas. It helps me determine the conflicts, the motivation and the characters for the book.

I've heard it say ideas can be found anywhere, but for me I find mine by creating my characters, then putting them in a situation that is going to do nothing but cause them both trouble.

Monday, May 3, 2010

The End of the Book

There is nothing more satisfying than finishing up a manuscript and typing the end.

Okay, I don't type the end anymore, but I know the book is finished. The characters are going to live happily-ever-after, in my mind and hopefully the readers as well.

All the events leading up to the end are critical. I have to make sure I've wrapped up all conflicts, even minor ones, if I've added a bit of suspense to the book that also needs to be wrapped up.

It's almost like wrapping a present for someone you know, you make sure the price tag is removed, you find the right box, put the gift in the box, find the perfect wrapping paper, and wrap the present. Add a bow.

That's how I feel at the end of the book. I've done everything possible to give the reader a satisfying romance along with sensual characters.

I want my readers to fall in love with my hero, and to understand where my heroine is coming from. They may or may not want to be my heroine, but they'll understand who she is and why she choose to be with the hero.

The end of the book is sometimes sad for me as well, as I'm saying good-bye to characters who have been with me on this journey.

But the end of the book is also exciting, because now I can polish and submit it to my publisher, but it also means I can me on to the next set of characters who are clamoring away in my head for their story to be told.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Middle Of The Book

This can sometimes be called the sagging middle, I just call it the middle.

The middle of the book can be difficult for a writer.

I found myself in the middle of my manuscript where the characters are starting to discover each other and some of the early minor conflicts have been resolved, but now what?

I realized as the writer I needed to ratchet up the main conflict between the characters, this is where the internal conflict, which keeps the two from confessing their love at this moment and living the happily ever after in the middle of the book.

Internal conflict is not easy to write, I struggle with it each day. Yet, I know I have internal conflict in my life almost daily, it's how I solve that internal conflict that helps me apply it to my writing.

In the middle of the book, I gently remind my characters why they can't be together, why they have an internal conflict with the other character, and all the reason's why they're not suited for each other.

The middle is now taken care of, because my characters are now fighting against falling in love because of these internal conflicts. But of course they will over come these conflicts and be happy together. After all I write romance.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Getting Past The First Page

Sometimes it's very hard to start the new page of a manuscript. Maybe you're not sure where to start the book, or the blank page drives you nuts. It could be anything.

Starting a new book is fun for me. I'm always excited to start a new manuscript, to explore the world and my characters.

Does the first page stay the same from the first draft to the final draft?


I start where I think at the time the book should open, but that's not always the right place. And figuring it out is important.

Think about the last book you read, do you remember how the book opened? Was it exciting? Did it draw you into the book? Make you want to read more?

The first page should draw the reader into the book, creating the same excitement the writer had when they wrote the book, the reader will be excited to turn past the first page and read more.

Sometimes I write the first page even though I know it's not the right place to start the story. Why? Because I don't know where the book should start, this is the first scene that came to mind, so I start there. Later I'll find the right opening.

The first page is important, but so are all the pages that come after that, because you want to keep your reader interested, excited and reading your book.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Picking Up An Interrupted Work In Progress

Last week I blogged about finishing the next book after I sold. When I sold to The Wild Rose Press, I was in the middle of writing another manuscript. When I sold this WIP was set aside.

Now, I can finally pick the WIP back up. The rough draft was already done, now I'm at the editing/polishing stage. I started to read what I'd already edited to bring myself back into the story.

It's amazing what I see now, compared to then. I can only thank my editor Karen at The Wild Rose Press. During the editing stages with IN PLAIN SIGHT, she pointed out to me areas that needed help and over usage of certain words.

As I pick up my WIP, I realize I still have a lot to learn. And I'm enjoying the process more than I thought I would.

Even with the manuscript I finished and my critique group read, I still use the same words over and over. I think all writers do that.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Finishing the Next Book

While I've finished more manuscripts than I've sold, this is the first manuscript I've finished since I sold last August.

It's taken a while, mainly because when I sold IN PLAIN SIGHT, last August, I had to make some changes to the book, then several rounds of edits, then galleys, then promotion. That pretty much wiped out September, October and November.

Back in Sept. 09 there was a call for submission within the Scarlet Rose line for manuscripts with a special theme called "Cowboy Kink".

In December I came up from air from my first sale, and an idea sparked for the Cowboy Kink book for The Wild Rose Press. The lucky thing for me wast I had two weeks of vacation at the end of December from the day job.

While not all the days off were spent writing, I did write because I had my own self imposed deadline. I worked toward the deadline with excitement and a little bit of apprehension, because this book was pushing my own boundaries.

The book seemed to write itself, and by the middle of January I'd finished the rough draft. Then I started in promotion for IN PLAIN SIGHT, my first Scarlet Rose book. This gave me a chance to distance myself from my newly written book.

It wasn't until Mid-February that I was able to get back to the manuscript and begin editing it. It was amazing what the distance and a great workshop by Donald Maass had done for me, I realized I had to make some massive changes.

I put in place another self-imposed deadline, and missed it by a mile. That bothered me because I'm usually very good with my deadlines. I sat down with myself and started looking at where my time was going and why I missed my deadline. There were several different factors, only a couple of them were within my own control.

I set a new schedule and a new self-imposed deadline, and went back to work. I made the next deadline which happened to be March 21st. I promised my critique partners I would have the book to them by then so they could read the entire manuscript and give me feedback.

This taught me I can keep my own self-imposed deadline, and reminded me that I'm the only one who can make my writing the number one priority in my life. I'd done this before, I had to remind myself about it.

And this was a timely reminder for me, because this is my career, I've wanted to be a writer for a long time. My day job is still there, but in another couple of years I can retire, and write full-time, but now is the time to get my priorities straight, now is the time to put that discipline in place I'm going to need later.

One of the things to remember is: If it is important to you, you'll make time for it. Be it time for your writing, spouse, children, parents, painting, friends, exercising, etc.

It's your choice.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Post Delayed Today

I'm late today.

The last week has been a trial in computer problems. Last Sunday I upgraded my browser when it asked me to, in doing that I lost all Java functions.

I thought this should be easy to fix. Nope.

I spent 3 hours Sunday, 4 hours Monday, 2 hours Tuesday and 2 hours Wednesday night, installing/uninstalling trying to back out of the changes I made on Sunday. Nothing worked. So yesterday I paid Java to fix my issue.

And they did. Within 45 minutes, my Java was fixed, I could get back into my games and most of all the chat with The Wild Rose Press authors.

Learned my lesson, never update the browser until you know what its going to do next.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Where does the time go

I'm usually very good at managing my time, but lately it seems like it's getting more and more unmanageable.

I've lost track of self-imposed deadlines, material I'm should be sending out to conferences, contest entries, housework, etc.

It's been a struggle to get back on track, this week I managed some success, I wrote all week but one day, and I finished up the last of the edits on the work in progress, and it now sits in the hands of my critique partners. I still have to write the synopsis and query this week. I've been keeping up with the household bills, emails, blogs and even managed to chop down the knee high weeds in the back yard.

This week I'm determined to get back on schedule. I'll finish judging the contest entries I have and send them back, start work on the the other work in progress so I can get it ready to submit, exercise and keep up with everything else. But in order to do this I have to managed my time very carefully.

That means I can't play when I get home from the day job, it means getting everything done before I play any computer games, it means I have to be strict with myself and do what I need to do, not what I want to do.

I can do it, I've done it before.

What can you do this week? What have you been putting off that really needs to be done?

Monday, March 15, 2010


It doesn't matter that I've published a book, I'm still receiving rejections. And that's okay. This last one, was one of the best rejections I've received in all my career.

I know that sounds funny, best rejection. But the editor took the time to tell me exactly why she didn't buy the book and she also took the time to point out that I was doing everything right, the plot of the book wasn't unique enough for the line I was aiming for.

I understood, and the editor had a very valid point, I appreciated the time she took to explain to me why she was rejection my book. And the other good news is she'd like to see more from me.

Now if I could quit the day job so I could write more.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Excerpt from FRENCH TART

Friday, I had an interview with Sloane Taylor celebrating her new release FRENCH TART, today here is an excerpt.

"Ooh la la, Mademoiselle, voulze-vous a la baise?"

Donatienne's running shoes squeaked to a halt on the cracked, gray linoleum. Fuck him? She didn't fuck just anyone, especially if she didn't know his name.

"Not unless you have more money than I could ever dream of, you pig." She refusted to turn back toward the crackly voice.

"What? Is your pussy made of gold?"

She gritted her teeth. Insolent bastard.

"Yes, it is. And equipped with a set of rusty fangs to rip off anything that tries to get inside." Smartass answers weren't her best first impression at the haute cuisine cooking school she'd waited so long to attend. She had to shake the lowlife who thought he could get away with insults before Chef tossed her out.

Ignore him. Just keep moving. Doni straightened her shoulders and walked past the double door refrigerator.

"Perhaps you prefer to give Pierre a blow job. He would make it worth your time." A cackle filled the air. "Come on, baby. You know you want me, you slut."

The fine hairs at the nape of her neck jumped to attention. Doni whirled around, swinging out her arm. She launched her heavy tote at the dumpy man in the splattered apron planted in front of the stainless steel stove.


A satisfying sound to Doni's ears as her bag connected with his diaphragm and he buckled.

She sprinted a dozen steps toward him, punching air until her fists mashed into his doughy flesh. He shot out his hands. She dodged to the right, away from his reach. Her feet slipped on the waxed floor. Flailing her arms, she grabbed for anything handy. Crash. A white cloud billowed up , blinding her. They fell to the floor with Doni on top, tangled in a mass of apron and legs.

"Protect your balls. Protect your balls. The slut is crazy."

Great excerpt Sloane. To buy FRENCH TART simply click here.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Welcome to Sloane Taylor

Today, I have a guest, Sloane Taylor.

Hi, Marie, thanks for having me out today. I'm looking foward to your grilling, er - I mean chatting with you. :)

Tell us a bit about yourself, Sloane.

I'm a sensual woman who believes humor and sex are healthy aspects of our everday lives which carry over into my books.

My stories are set in Europe where the men are all males and the North American women they encounter are both feminine and strong. As a true romantic, my women bring more than lust to their men's lives.

I was born and raised in Chicago. Studly, my non-husband and mate for life, and I split our time between a home in Illinois and a weekend cottage on the back roads of Indiana...or you can catch up with me as I travel through Europe, researching new material.

Tell us what kind of stories/books you write?

My books are sexually explicit romance novels with happy endings. Now isn't that a surprise? LOL. I write wit a touch of humor while my villains border on the dark side. It's a lot of fun coming up with new ways to be mean.

Tell us how long you've been writing?

In truth it hasn't been all that long, only six years. In that time I've learned a great deal and have been fortunate to be with two excellent publishers, Amber Quill Press and Aspen Mountain Press.

Tell us about your typical writing day?

When I'm not being lazy, I'm at the keyboard by 7 a.m. with a steaming cup of coffee and a fuzzy brain. First, I write a full to-do list, which rarely gets completed. Yes, Marie, I'm anal. LOL. All emails are answered, then it's promo time on the loops and another well deserved coffee. Around 10 I start back with the current story and work until 1 when I break fro lunch. After, emails are answered and it's back to writing/editing until about 5 when Studs gets home. With this kind of schedule you'd think I'd have hundreds of books ready to publish. Not.

Tell us about your Men of Munich series?

Six years ago all these silent movies started racing through my brain. I had to write them down or go crazy. The first book in the series, published through Aspen Mountain Press, is TEDDY TURNS ON, a 2009 EPPIE Finalist. Here's a blurb:

No one's going to take advantage of Teddi Howard again, including the Munich tour operator who screwed her over when he reneged on their contract. Her only option is to face the little weasel.

Nothing stands in the way of the prominent, German businessman David Stiefle, especially a woman. No way is he ever getting involved, even if she is the sensual Mrs. Howard.

LONNIE HEATS UP is the second installment.

Lost in the Austrian Alps, psychologist Lonnie Copley is forced to accept help from a Hell's Angel wannabe. She never expected to be trapped with the Aryan god in a deserted Castle Flophouse.

Disgusted with cleaning up his client's dirty lives, attorney Wolfe Deider is in major career thrones. He doesn't need some insolent woman mucking up his mind, even if she does have a mouth made for kissing.

FRANCINE ON FIRE is number three.

Francine Daniels doesn't trust men. Not since two husbands and a con artist ruined her life. After years of struggle - during which she took back control and soared to new heights - there is no place in her plans for a German hottie...Even if she does burst into flames at his touch.

Heicke Brewer already made one disastrous trip down the aisle, and never plans to go this route again. He prefers the parade of international beauties lined up outside his bedroom door to enjoy his 'satisfaction guaranteed' reputation...Until he meets an American pixie to hot not to handles.

Last but not least is ISABELLA IGNITES

Jet setter Isabella Carrington has it all, fame, heart-stopping looks, and carte blanche over every man she meets, except one. Staid accountant Rhineholdt Hoffman proves to be immune to her charms. Until on ehot Venetian night.

Rhineholdt came to Venice to escape a lift that holds no meaning. He's sworn off sex until a chance encounter with the luscious Isabella. Their heated affair sets the City of Bridges on fire and forces him to face the fears holding him back.

So what does a woman who has everything, except the right man, do for fun? Come...Take a peek behind Isabella's bedroom done.

You can see this was a fun series to write. :)

Tell us about your current release?

FRENCH TART is the first in a five book series, again from Aspen Mountain Press. Here's a blurb to tempt you:

Determined to prove herself and shed her party girl image, Donatienne Dubious pins her hopes on the exclusive cooking school in Nice, France. One by one her expectations are shattered by a foul-mouthed parrot, a bogus Michelin chef, and a headmistress with a heart of tungsten steel. Her lifesaver is a bad boy hunk too hot not to handle.

Sebastien Reinhard is incognito, hating every minute. To pose as a student while protecting a rich wild child is his version of hell, until he partners with the slice of Creme Brule good enough to eat.

Class takes on a whole new meaning as Doni and Sebastien heat up the kitchen when they discover honey has better uses than sweetening tea.

Anything else you want to tell us?

I'd like to invite your readers to visit me at my website and check out the What's Cooking section under Fun Stuff. I'm an avid cook and love to share recipes. You can also find me on Facebook and My Space. I love to hear from people so please feel free to email me through my website with any questions or comments. I'll be sure to answer you.

Thanks for sharing your world, Sloane.

Thank you again, Marie. This has been great.

Monday, March 1, 2010

March Already?

Can you tell by the title, that I can't believe it's March already?

I having trouble figuring out where February went. It wasn't the best of months for me, for two weeks the day job seriously interfered with the writing. I try not to let it, but there are some weeks that the stress gets to me.

But I'm wiping the slate clean for March, it's a new month and I have my goals in place.

Monday, February 22, 2010


I've been struggling lately, there just doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day to fit everything in. Day job, home stuff, sleep, social life and writing.

Now my social life is not that big, so it's not a big time suck. The day job is a big time suck, with a 2 hour commute a day and 8 hours on the job, that takes the bulk of my day away from me.

Home stuff has been a bit more overwhelming than usual, and with family coming to visit in a few weeks, it's not going to calm down until after they leave. Oh and I have to do taxes yet.

Sleep, I can't seem to get enough lately.

Writing, that's my biggest issue right now, I'm not writing as much as I can. It's time for me to get back on my schedule and stick to it.

No one can make me do it but me.

So tell me, what happens when you fall off the wagon in writing? How do you get yourself back on track? Any hints or suggestions?

Monday, February 15, 2010

Feb. Basket Winner

My February basket winner is Joy from Mesa Az.

Congratulations to Joy.

If you want to join my newsletter you can do so by going to my website, and sign up there or by sending me an email at If you send me an email please put Contest, in the subject line, give me your full name and email address in the body of the email. If I don't receive the email with the word Contest in the subject line, or your name and email in the body of the email it will be ignored.

In the coming months I will be doing special drawings for my newsletter members only.


Monday, February 8, 2010

The Dream

I'm a little late this morning with my post.

Yesterday I watched the Super Bowl, I usually do every year, because I am a football fan. In watching yesterday's game between the Colts and the Saints.

When the game was over and the Saints had won, and this was their first Super Bowl appearance in 42 years, I stopped and thought...My goodness, think about writing for 42 years and not selling.

The Saint's dream came true after a very long time, and I realized that some writers dream of publication come true quickly, not so quickly or not at all.

But that doesn't stop us from wanting the dream, or stop us from living the dream.

Never give up on the dream because you never know when it can happen to you.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Vote for Me

I found out this morning that Whipped Cream a book reviewing sight has put me up for their Best Book of the Week award.

If you have time please stop by and vote for In Plain Sight.

Just click here and you'll be taken to the site.

I appreciate all help you can give me.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Writing the Next Book

One would think this would get easier, but in some ways it's not.

While I had already had another book underway for The Wild Rose Press, I set it aside in December and started a different book.

This new book is stretching myself as a writer, I wrote the rough draft very quickly, almost 40,000 words in 4 weeks. For me this is fast. But the words flowed from the page. When I finished the rough draft, I realized that one the book is too long (I haven't written the last chapter yet), and there are lots of areas where I can make cuts.

Plus the big one was there was no emotional conflict between the characters. Opps, how did I miss that?

Now I'm editing/re-writing the story and it's slow going. But this week I'm determined to make a dent into it.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Winner of the First Drawing

The first basket winner is Virgina in Clifton Falls, VA.

There is still time to win, you can enter one of two ways, go to my website and sign up for my newsletter, or you can hit the contact me button on my website and send me an email with your name, address and email address.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Come Visit Me Today at The Spicer Side

On Wed. 1/27 and Thurs. 1/28 I'm a guest at Emma Lia's blog The Spicer Side.

Please feel free to stop by and leave me a comment. Wednesday we're talking about my book release In Plain Sight from The Wild Rose Press. And on Thursday I answer so spicy questions from Emma.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Come visit me

I'm a guest at Sloane Taylor's blog today.

Come on over and say hi.

Donald Maass Workshop

I was lucky enough to attend an all day workshop given by Donald Maass based on his book Fire in Fiction, this last weekend.

Mr. Maass, is not only a great agent, but a great speaker and teacher as well. I learned new techniques to make my books better, but also had a great time. He made me laugh and learn.

I want to thank no only Mr. Maass for a great workshop, but the Silicon Valley RWA, Sacramento RWA, Black Diamond RWA and Monterey RWA for making this workshop possible.

This week I'll be applying what I learned to my WIP.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Delay in Announcment of Winner

I'm very sorry but there is going to be a delay in the announcement of the winner of my book release contest.

I'm waiting to receive the information and hope to have it very soon.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Release Day & Guest Blogging

I can't believe it's here.

I'm so excited today is my release day. I'm up at The Wild Rose Press website in the Wilder Roses Catalogue.

Here's a direct link to In Plain Sight (click on the title).

Tomorrow I'll announce the first contest winner. If you haven't signed up, you still have time. Go to my website and sign up for my newsletter and you'll be entered.

I'm also guest blogging today at Honoria Raven's blog click here to be take to her blog. Please stop by and leave a comment or two.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Still Learning

My book releases on Friday, and I'm still learning.

Since I accepted the contract with The Wild Rose Press I've grown as a writer and learned much more about the business of writing.

Writing is a business. Publishers are there to make money, and while a lot of people would like to believe writing is just a creative outlet, it is so much more. You have to remember the business side of it.

Many artists - and writers are artists with words - have trouble separating the business side from the creative side. Luckily I'm not one of those people. I have the ability to keep the business totally separate from the creative.

I keep records to prove I am in the writing business. I log my hours, my mileage, my expenses, and my income. I also record where my time is going, so I can find ways to make myself more productive.

Even with that in mind, nothing stops me from writing a story I want to write. I don't stop to think if it will sell or not, or is this character too over the top. I just write.

I do have an idea of my target market when I start a boo, be it a series romance reader, or a contemporary erotic romance, or even a paranormal erotic romance. And to some extent I do write the book to that market. I usually let the book tell itself, sometimes it doesn't fit the market I thought it would, I shrug my shoulders and go on.

In order to improve and understand my writing, I need to write. Writing is a learning process all it's own. The more I write the more I learn. It's a journey that is never ending.

I'm posting a special blog on Friday in celebration of my release day.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Release Date & Contest

My release date is 1/22, that's in less than two weeks. My excitement level is building.

Head over to my website and enter my contest. All you have to do is sign up for my newsletter, this will automatically enter you in the contest. There will be two drawings. One on my release day 1/22 and the second on 2/8.

Also by signing up for my newsletter you will be put automatically on my mailing list to receive goodies from me and a newsletter to announce upcoming sales and releases. None of your information will be released to a third-party.

After 2/8, I will have monthly contest either run on my website or here, I will announce in both places, so be sure to check back. Make sure to invite your friends to enter the contests as well.

Continuing the journey next Monday.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Goals for the New Year

It's a new Year and I already have so many things to do.

Have you set your goals for the year?

I have, I do this every year on New Year's Day. I write out my goals for the year, print them out and put them in my writing binder. At the end of the year I pull them out to see what I can check off as accomplished.

It doesn't matter if I acoomplished one item or all items, it shows I'm committed to my writing and have set time aside for it.

Last year I had 14 items on my list, I completed 10 of them. The other 4 I wasn't able to complete. The one item that was not on my list was To Sell A Book. I added that to my list of accomplishments.

There is a reason I didn't put To Sell A Book on my goal list, that is because goals have to be realistic and reasonable. I can't guess when I'm going to sell a book, it all depends on the publisher and what they're looking for.

I'm very grateful that The Wild Rose Press offered me a contract and bought my first book. The sale came about because one of my goals was to submit to different publishers, The Wild Rose Press being one of them.

I'm looking forward to this year. A few of my writing goals for this year are:

  1. Write a novella and submit it by end of March
  2. Write a second novella and submit by end of June
  3. Write a novella/novel and submit by end of year

Continuing the journey next Monday