Monday, September 15, 2014

Interesting Happenings in the Publishing World

I'd been hearing rumors for almost a year now and wasn't really sure what was going on.  Today it became a little more apparent.  Ellora's Cave is having some big issues.

Click here to a link to the Dear Author blog that lays out a lot of the information.

There are some links in there to other authors, one is Cat Grant.

I first hear about Ellora's Cave back in 2000, I didn't have an e-reader and they were mainly e-books.  So I downloaded pdf files and read on my computer.  Not comfortable, but I found books I love along with authors.

I also found a place where my writing wasn't so out there.  No, I never published with Ellora's Cave, not for lack of trying.  But I just never had a book that fit right for them.  But it opened up the whole Erotic Romance genre.

Kensington Publishing did also with the Brava line, back in 1995 or 1996 they were publishing historical erotic romance mainly in anthologies, but they were far and few in-between.  I did discover Robin Schone through them and love her books to this day.

Ellora's Cave introduced me to such authors as Lora Leigh, Kate Douglas, Jaci Burton, Robin Rotham to name a few.

When Ellora's Cave books came to my local Border's bookstore, I was ecstatic.  I could now buy them in print and have them on my keep shelves.  But I had to be careful, because they were trade size they were expensive and I had to keep within my book buying budget.

When I got my first e-reader, I downloaded e-books and kept reading.  I talked with authors who wrote for Ellora's Cave, talked with their editor and found out more about the company.  While I never published with them, I always found the people I dealt with to be professional.

I hope things improve for the authors sake.  I hate that many authors are caught in the middle of the fire-storm.

To any aspiring writer, make sure you always check out the publisher you are thinking about submitting to.  If you're unsure, Google.  There is tons of information on the internet about almost any publisher or there are places where you can ask.

My thoughts are with the authors and hoping Ellora's Cave makes good on their promises.

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