Monday, March 15, 2010


It doesn't matter that I've published a book, I'm still receiving rejections. And that's okay. This last one, was one of the best rejections I've received in all my career.

I know that sounds funny, best rejection. But the editor took the time to tell me exactly why she didn't buy the book and she also took the time to point out that I was doing everything right, the plot of the book wasn't unique enough for the line I was aiming for.

I understood, and the editor had a very valid point, I appreciated the time she took to explain to me why she was rejection my book. And the other good news is she'd like to see more from me.

Now if I could quit the day job so I could write more.


Sloane Taylor said...

Glad you had an editor who took the extra time, Marie, and that you have the right attitude. Don't worry, your day job's soon to be history with books like your Plain Sight out there.:)

Marie Tuhart said...

Thanks, Sloane.