Saturday, August 29, 2015

Sexy Has It - Sexy Saturday

It's Sexy Saturday.

This week is #107 and the theme is: Sexy Has It

I decided to do 7 paragraphs this week, just to give you a flavor of my book In Plain Sight

        “Let’s get something straight, Mr. Bradshaw.”
She whirled around and faced him.
        He could see the fire in her eyes and couldn’t
wait to see them burning with passion again.
        “I will not repeat what happened Friday night,”
she declared, poking him in the chest with her
        He placed a hand over his heart and stepped
back. “You wound me, fair lady.” He wiggled his
eyebrows at her.
        “Oh, cut the bullshit.” Hands on hips, she glared
at him, looking a bit like a Norse goddess of war.
        “There is no bullshit here.” He spread his arms
wide, allowing the grin he’d been fighting to spread
across his lips. There was his Vicki. The fiery, sexy
woman he wanted to fuck day and night. “I told you
Saturday you were going to set the pace.”
        “Don’t give me that sexy, devilish grin of yours. I


Joe and Vicki have lots of fun in this book.

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